The Most Common Router Passwords for 2015

Acquired from Linksys by Cisco website
Acquired from Linksys
by Cisco website
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Internet Routers come with a default username and password installed, which makes them very insecure.  It is important to ensure your security by changing the default username and password when you receive your router or other computer equipment.  Changing your password will help make sure that no criminals will be able to guess it easily.  Some manufacturers and cable companies have started providing a different password with each router that they install, but these passwords are not always very secure either and should also be changed.

To set-up or change your router's settings, including the password, you need to enter the IP Address for the Default Gateway into your browser's address bar.  Often this IP Address is, though sometimes you will need to look up that IP Address next to "Default Gateway" in your internet connection settings.

If you need to access your router, this list of default passwords might help.

Default Usernames and Passwords:

  • Router Company, Username, Password
  • 3Com, admin, BLANK (nothing)
  • 3Com, BLANK, admin
  • 3Com, tech, tech
  • Apple, n/a OR root OR BLANK, admin OR public
  • Belkin, admin, admin
  • Belkin, BLANK, BLANK
  • Buffalo, root, BLANK
  • Cisco, admin, admin
  • Cisco, BLANK, BLANK
  • D-Link, admin, admin
  • D-Link, admin, BLANK
  • Linksys, admin, admin
  • Linksys, admin, BLANK
  • Linksys, BLANK, BLANK
  • Netgear, admin, password
  • Netgear, admin, 1234
  • Trendnet, admin, admin
  • Trendnet, admin, password
  • Trendnet, BLANK, BLANK