How to Make Your Chromebook Look Like Windows

A browser extension will now help you make your Google Chromebook look just like Windows 8.  The browser extension, called New MetroTab, changes the layout of Google Chrome's New Tab Page to look like the Metro-Style Start Screen of Window 8, complete with tiles for frequently visited websites.  New MetroTab also allows you to add active content, like weather or news, and tiles for commonly used apps and games.

The interface of New MetroTab is customizable,
so you can choose any background image you wish
 or change many other interface options.

With some retailers selling Chromebooks for as low as $150, traditional computer users increasingly likely to choose a Chromebook as a secondary netbook, for travel or sharing with a family member.  The Chromebook's unfamiliar interface and lack of Windows apps has reduced its popularity, but New MetroTab helps by making the interface more familiar.

New MetroTab is not only for Chromebook users:  

It's worth noting that in January of 2015, control of New MetroTab was passed to the developers of Chrome app New Tab Plus, but New MetroTab remains highly usable.  Though New Tab Plus is also an attractive Chrome New Tab Page replacement, it does not resemble Windows 8 the way that New MetroTab does.