How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace

The average worker spends so much time in front of a computer that it is important that their workspace is ergonomic.  If you workspace is not ergonomic, you could be injured simply as a result of sitting!

Steps to Creating an Ergonomic Workspace:
  1. Create lumbar support for your back with a cushion or a rolled up towel if you do not have anything else.  Place that lumbar support between the small of your back and the chair.
  2. Place your elbows as a comfortable 90 degree angle, flat on a chair arm or elevated correctly using a towel.
  3. When viewing the screen, make sure your head is at a neutral (nearly forward) angle.  Do not work with your head looking strongly upward or downward.
  4. Increase the text size on your screen if you cannot comfortably read it.
  5. Reduce the brightness of your screen so that text is clear, but the light is not glaring.  In general, match the brightness of your screen to the lighting in your workspace.
  6. Place a hard surface, such as a notebook, tray, or binder between your legs and the laptop when working in a chair to ensure the computer is on a flat stable surface.
  7. Ensure your feet are flat on the floor with knees lower than hips or that your feet are elevated at a slight angle on an egonomic footrest designed for that purpose.