$249 Samsung Chromebook Review

Just got the $249 Samsung Chromebook, a late Christmas gift, and looking forward to using the computer a lot less.  Looking forward to doing computing tasks on the road, at meetings, when I need to do them, instead of moving between several notebooks and the computer as I have for years.  This Chromebook weighs just 2.4 pounds, it's similar in size and design to a lot of the early Vaio's I recall wishing I could afford.  I turned it on, set up our wifi password, and it just works.  I've heard the complaints about Chrome OS, but most of them amount to not knowing how to use Chrome OS.  You can turn bluetooth and wifi on and off.  You can set up your most important apps to run offline without Internet.  You can access local storage.  I've even found Sumopaint, a $10 replacement for Photoshop that runs in your browser, which even has a great free version as well.  Just a couple hours in here, but Samsung Chromebook is looking like a great buy.  Spent 2 months trying to find one, skip Staples, a few BestBuys have them in stores currently so call around if you're shopping for one.

Webcam is mirrored by default, but that might be an app issue, not hardware.  Also, webcam has no IR filter, which is bad because strong sunlight might wash out your photos, but great because it means you can see IR signals and do IR photography.

Would love a way to disable the webcam and the microphone (going to use tape/paper for now).  Ports on back are a little annoying, but survivable (USB for mouse / keyboard on the right side would be great).

Oh yeah: USB 3.0, solid state HD, and HDMI out.  3G optional.  Bluetooth.

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