How to Get More Out of Google

Tree shaping google search
Tree shaping google search (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I and others like me wring our hands in frustration with the younger generation's propensity for using Google to do their academic research rather than a brick and mortar library, all the while tactfully ignoring the fact that we had electronic encyclopedias all throughout our childhoods, the truth is that any college freshman who is not well versed in Google's research aspects is at a distinct disadvantage from their peers.

That said, there are a few basic tricks of the trade when it comes to searching Google that anyone can take advantage of.  Among the most vital are the site search, related phrase search, exact phrase search, excluded terms, and time range search.

A brightly colored and easy to read infographic over at the popular student website lays it all out is clear and concise language:

Do YOU have any favorite tips for using Google for academic research?  Let's hear them in the comments!